Milkin' It: All Toronto Nirvana tribute full of radio friendly unit shifters

Say what you want about Kurt Cobain and his erstwhile power trio's ascension into the classic rock pantheon, but Nirvana remain a crucial, formative influence on today's generation on indie/punk rockers - especially here in Toronto, it seems. Local label Hand Drawn Dracula have teamed up with math-rock crew Greys and indie-folk-rockers the Wooden Sky to curate Milkin' It, a track-by-track tribute to Nirvana's now-20-year-old third and final album, In Uteroavailable for free download from HDD! There's a heckuva list of WL alumni across the album's 16 tracks - Beliefs, Odonis Odonis, Fresh Snow, Teenanger, Absolutely Free, the Weather Station, Odonis Odonis, Hooded Fang, Doom Squad... plus many more extremely cool and totally grungefied artists.