Winterfolk Festival - now with roof!

Watch for an influx of sidewalk buskers near the Greyhound station this weekend. While the attention of the cream of the crop of the indie zeitgeist turns to Twelve this weekend to celebrate the best of the best, we at Wavelength would be remiss to neglect to mention that the Winterfolk Blues & Roots Festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary this weekend with a slew of $10 (or less) shows at that hotbed of roots and folk, the Delta Chelsea Hotel. Winterfolk was launched at a handful of small Kensington area clubs in 2002, and in recent years was held in the Beaches. Sounds like a real step up to be in a classy hotel with flush toilets, moving staircases, and running water! For those of you who don’t enjoy the supercharged enthusiasm, drunken debauchery, meaningful mayhem, and unforgettable experiences of Wavelength Twelve, you might enjoy taking a Sunday afternoon time out at a music festival that boasts “all stages are indoors, under one roof, featuring quiet listening rooms” A copy/paste job of their official Facebook event page after the throw:


The Winterfolk Blues & Roots Festival is proud to announce a stellar lineup for the upcoming TENTH ANNUAL WINTERFOLK FESTIVAL which will take place from February 17-19, 2012 at the Delta Chelsea, Toronto's Entertainment Hotel.

WHO: ALUMNI - Danny Marks, David Gillis, Jack DeKeyzer, Jory Nash, Laura Fernandez, Mr. Rick & The Biscuits, Noah Zacharin, Tony Quarrington, Brian Gladstone

PLUS: Lynn Miles, Ariana Gillis, Lynne Hanson, Jay Aymar, Gary Kendall, David Essig, HOTCHA!, Grainne, Jaron Freeman Fox & the Opposite of Everything, The Lemon Bucket Orkestra, The Boxcar Boys, The Wanted, Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco, Rick Taylor and many more!

For more information and complete schedule please visit

WHAT: Winterfolk X Blues and Roots Festival

WHERE: The Delta Chelsea Hotel, 33 Gerrard St W Toronto, ON / 416-595-1975

STAGES: Performances will fill Monarchs Pub, the Market Garden Stage and various other stages, all within the hotel.

WHEN: February 17-19, 2012

Friday February 17 - 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM
Saturday February 18 - 1:00 PM to 11:30 PM
Sunday February 19 - 1:00 PM to 10:30 PM

TICKETS: Free! (Some ticketed events in the “Listening Room”)



From its humble roots (initially the festival was staged at a few clubs in the Spadina and College area and drew about 500 people), it moved to the Danforth and grew in concept, scope, appeal and artistic value. It rapidly drew attention from artists, media, venues and audiences as well as all facets of the blues and roots communities in Toronto. Winterfolk’s success in part, came from providing much-needed commerce and revenue to area merchants during a typically slow retail time. Presented annually in February, Winterfolk fills a gap in the calendars of festival- goers, artists and the community.




7:00 PM Richard Henderson

8:00 PM Jory Nash

9:00 PM Brian Gladstone with Tony Quarrington

10:00 PM Winterfolk All Star Blues Band with Jack De Keyzer, Al Lerman (Fathead), Gary Kendall (Downchild), Mike Fitzpatrick (Downchild) Plus special guests dropping by.

- 11:00 PM


7:00 PM Al Lerman

8:00 PM The Wanted

9:00 PM Whiskey Jack

10:00 PM Lemon Bucket Orkestra

- 11:00 PM


7:00 PM Steve Raiken

8:00 PM Mike Danckert

9:00 PM Danny Marks

10:00 PM D'Arcy Wichham

11:00 PM Noah Zacharin



1:00 PM Brian Blain's Campfire and Song Circle - Players wanted – drop by and sit in with Mr. Blain for some tunes by the light of his campfire.

3:00 PM Songs that Tell Stories – Host Howard Gladstone, with with Jay Aymar, Ian Reid, and Grainne show the power of songs to tell anecdotes and spin their tales of history and imagination.

4:00 PM Lenka Lichtenberg & Fray

5:00 PM David Gillis & Friends

6:00 PM Not Just Another Guitar Worksop - Alastair Artingstall, Margaret Stowe and Maneli Jamal play their songs while integrating progressive guitar techniques such as alternative tunings, cut down capos, and percussive elements as tapping, slapping, some electronics, plus some composing ideas

7:00 PM Porch Music - Host Lynne Hanson calls it porch music with a little 'Texas Dirt', and is joined in the round by Tia McGraff, and HOTCHA!

8:00 PM The Alistair Christl Trio Rockabilly Band

9:00 PM The Guitar Boys of Alderon They took up space in school, and now they are cadets – Noah Zacharin, Mr. Rick and Brian Gladstone, and the newest cadet on percussion is Bev Kreller.

10:00 PM David Essig with Tony Quarrington

- 11:00 PM


1:00 PM Jay Aymar

2:00 PM Same Latitude as Rome perform songs on the theme of The war of 1812.

3:00 PM Dan McVeigh

4:00 PM The Lady Racers

5:00 PM Sue & Dwight

6:00 PM Tia McGraff

7:00 PM Arianna Gillis Band


9:00 PM Jaron Freeman Fox & the Opposite of Everything

10:00 PM Lynn Miles

- 11:00 PM


1:00 PM Best of Sarah's Cafe Open Stage Host is Dan McLean Jr.,

Hour 1 – Jo-Anne Park, Daniel McKenzie, Alan McKinlay, Mark Martyre

Hour 2 – Caitlin Gallagher, Chris Scian, Frank Patrick, Meghan Smith

3:00 PM Best of Acoustic Tuesdays Open Stage with host Steve Raiken.

Hour 1 – Steve Raiken, Roger Zuraw, The McDales, Andy Griffiths

Hour 2 – Mark Denington, Darwin Bruce, Pete Otis, Glen Hornblast

5:00 PM Speak Music Presents hosted by Beverly Kreller w/

The Wanted, Whoa Nellie, Andrew/Victoria, Bob Ryder, Ryan McAlister, Sarah Greene

7:00 PM NSAI Nashville Songwriters Present

Hour 1 - Host is Dan McVeigh, with Glen MacNeil, Clive Vanderburgh, Zac Wrixon

Hour 2 - Host is Shawn Devlin, with Patrick Ballantyne, John Cheesman, Peter Light

9:00 PM Showcase of Stouffville Artists hosted by Jim Priebe

The Cris Cuddy Acoustic unit, Grainne, Tom Pullin, Erwin Schack

- 11:00 PM


1:00 PM Maneli Jamal

2:00 PM Marie Lynn Hammond

3:00 PM The Cris Cuddy Acoustic unit

4:00 PM Greg Quill

5:00 PM Crabtree and Mills

6:00 PM Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco

7:00 PM Where Have All The Folk Songs Gone'?
Hosts Sue and Dwight are joined by Ian Reid, Crabtree and Mills, performing folk songs of the 60's.

8:00 PM The Acoustic Blues of Winterfolk

Acoustic Blues Guitar

Host John Jackson with David Essig, and Mr. Rick Artists in song circle, share their tunes and show 6-sting techniques as slide, Finger style, different tunings, influences, and more.

9:00 PM The Acoustic Blues of Winterfolk Blues Songwriting Unplugged. Gary Kendall (Downchild) with Brian Blain play tunes and write a blues songs in real time with audience input. Only 50 tickets will be sold / Advance Recommended $8:00 Door $10.00

- 11:00 PM



1:00 PM Old Time Gospel Songs – Host Phonogarde is joined by Max Woolaver and Richard Henderson for a Sunday good ol' Gospel session.

2:00 PM Play Guitar with Jack De Keyzer

Join the Guitar Jam

Guitar players invited to drop in and play some guitar with Jack and the band, including Rick Donaldson (drums), Brian Blain (bass) , and you.

4:00 PM John Jackson

5:00 PM Max Woolaver Band

6:00 PM Glen Hornblast CD Release

7:00 PM The Boxcar Boys

8:00 PM Rick Taylor

9:00 PM Mr. Rick and the Biscuits


1:00 PM Russell Leon Band

2:00 PM Alastair Artingstall

3:00 PM Jory Nash

4:00 PM Grainne

5:00 PM A Yellow Field

6:00 PM Howard Gladstone and Friends

7:00 PM Lynne Hanson

8:00 PM Laura Fernandez

9:00 PM Noah Zacharin & Danny Marks


1:00 PM Pete Otis Presents Song Town

Hour 1 – Joe Mavety, Steve Ambrose, Jack Tasse, Paul Polisano, Pete Otis

Hour 2 – Dellukka, Norm Lucien, John Layton, Glen Hornblast, Davybaby Hua

3:00 PM The Moonshine Cafe Presents with host John Marlett

Hour 1- Dave and Marg Taylor, Ricky Joe & Sandy, The Gardeners, Mike and & Lianne Gravitis

Hour 2 - Sandy Quial, Marty Rouleau, Crhis Roselle, Kelly McMurtry

5:00 PM Songwriters Unite Presents host Russell Leon with

Hour 1- Ben Veneer, Frank Prather, Blair Packham, Shawna Caspi

Hour 2 -Sam Turton, Debbie Flemming, Mark Bragg, Ania Soul

7:00 PM Seneca College Independent Music Program

Hosts Linda M and Sarah Burton present

Nika Smith, Rory Jordan-Stevens, Chris Blatchford, Adrian Hay Trio, Mae Janelle Berte, Angela Abrenica

- 9:00 PM


1:00 PM Songwriting Workshop with Lynn Miles and Lynne Hanson

Lynn Miles will be offering a Songwriting workshop. Lynn is one of Canada's most accomplished singer/songwriters. With seven albums to her credit, she is the winner of multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards, and a 2003 Juno Award for Roots & Traditional Solo Album of the Year. Her latest album Fall For Beauty was nominated for the 2011 Juno Roots Album of the year. Lynn's Songwriting workshops are renown, in demand, usually oversold, and typically cost over $20.00.

Joining Lynn Miles, is Lynne Hanson, winner of the 2010 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award, 2009 Canadian Folk Music Award, and recent Kerrville New Folk Finalist.

Advance Recommended $8:00 Door $10.00

3:00 PM The Music is the Message Songs of Protest, Change, and Social Justice

Host Greg Quill with Crabtree and Mills, Howard Gladstone

4:00 PM Phillip Brown

5:00 PM Ian Reid

6:00 PM Phonogarde

7:00 PM The Smokin' Guitars of Winterfolk

At no time do their fingers leave their hands! Don't miss this rare opportunity to get up close with so many six string masters all in one place!

Amazing Flying Fingers – D'Arcy Wickham, Noah Zacharin, Rick Taylor, Phillip Brown

Mr. Rick, Brian Gladstone, David Essig, David Gillis

Margaret Stowe and Tony Quarrington (repeat of one of Winterfolk's most all time memorable performances)

Tony Quarrington's Open Jam Session – Tony starts in singer / songwriter mode, then players welcome to join in. Anything can happen – featuring many of the above players plus a few surprises.

Only 50 tickets will be sold / Advance Recommended $8:00 Door $10.00

- 9:00 PM


Winterfolk, now celebrates its 10th year by featuring those artists that were there from its inception and those returning to join the festivities. Singer/storyteller Jory Nash was one of the first-year musicians along with sultry Latin singer Laura Fernandez, mesmerizing singer-songwriter Noah Zacharin, guitar genius Tony Quarrington, original alt-country power trio Mr. Rick & The Biscuits, award-winning fingerstyle guitar champ David Gillis and outstanding blues faves Danny Marks and Jack DeKeyzer. Returning artists include “Bernie Taupin fave” Ariana Gillis, shoot from the hipster Jay Aymar, bluesmen Gary Kendall (Downchild), Al Lerman (Fathead), the legendary David Essig, and award-winning Rick Taylor.

Juno and Canadian Folk Music Award winner Lynn Miles will showcase on the Market Garden stage as well as present workshops in the special “Listening Room” on the 27th floor. Another award-winning Lynn (Lynn Hanson) will bring her ”porch music with a little Texas red dirt” to the festival stages.

Many of this year’s lineup have played the festival in previous years such as roots music pioneers Crabtree & Mills, “colour blind” Brian Blain, known for his successful campfire jam sessions at various festivals, powerhouse roots/pop songstress Grainne, John Jackson of Kensington Market and Perth County Conspiracy fame, dynamic vintage hillbilly swing duo HOTCHA!, five-piece veterans of Tommy Hunter fame Whiskey Jack, earnest folk duo Sue & Dwight, driving guitar-picker Phillip Brown, preacher to the choir, the Reverend Max Woolaver Band and roots/folk/country picking icons The Guitar Boys of Alderon.

Winterfolk prides itself on helping to boost the careers of newcomers and this year is no exception. Audiences will be stunned by the extreme talent and high energy of emerging bands like frenzied fiddler Jaron Freeman Fox & the Opposite of Everything, gypsy/Balkan/klezmer street-folk revolutionaries The Lemon Bucket Orkestra, wild gypsy, old-jazz, klezmer, folk troupe The Boxcar Boys, “Emmylou Harris meets unplugged vintage rock ‘n roll” band The Wanted, harmony queens from Kingston The Lady Racers and rockabilly sensation Alistair Christl Trio.

ARTIST LINEUP: (For complete bios & websites please visit )

Al Lerman
Alastai Artingstall
Ariana Gillis
A Yellow Field
Brian Blain
Brian Gladstone
Crabtree & Mills
D'Arcy Wickham
Dan McVeigh
Danny Marks
David Essig
David Gillis
Gary Kendall
Greg Quill
Howard Gladstone
Ian Reid
Jack DeKeyzer
Jaron Freeman Fox & the Opposite of Everything
Jay Aymar
John Jackson
Jory Nash
Laura Fernandez
Lynn Miles
Lynne Hanson
Maneli Jamal
Marie Lynn Hammond
Max Woolaver Band
Michael Fitzpatrick
Moonshine Café
Mr. Rick
Mr. Rick & The Biscuits
Noah Zacharin
Phillip Brown
Richard Henderson
Rick Donaldson
Rick Taylor
Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco
Russell Leon
Same Latidude as Rome
Steve Raiken
Sue and Dwight
The Boxcar Boys
The Cris Cuddy Acoustic Unit
The Guitar Boys of Alderon
The Lady Racers
The Lemon Bucket Orkestra
The Swinging Chandeliers
The Wanted
Tia McGraff
Tony Quarrington
Whiskey Jack

PLUS COMMUNITY STAGES: Best of Acoustic Tuesdays at the Delta, Pete Otis Presents, Sunday afternoons at Sarah’s Cafe & Bar, Moonshine Café, SPEAK Music Presents, Seneca College Independent Music Program, Songwriters Unite, Jim Priebe Presents Stouffville Artists and NSAI.

**Please stay tuned for more updates and info on the various stages and workshops being held during this special 10th anniversary event!