All Purpose Voltage Heroes

The All Purpose Voltage Heroes are a four-piece keyboarding electro-pop-punk crew from Alberta's capital city. Our very own Makr saw them once in Edmonton and they were wearing soccer uniforms on stage. They were so involved in their costumes, they even had orange slices to munch on during half-time. Makr emailed Dan Poole, Zack Poole, Connor Mayer, and Kevin Cherney to find out what it's like to be a hero.

Tell us who does what in the band... and make it rhyme. Dan is the man with the mic in his hand. Zack is one half of the keyboard attack! Kevin plays keys too, since he was seven. Connor is a drummer, but he don't drive a Hummer.

I heard that the APVH resurrected the dead once on stage. What kind of crazy antics can Toronto expect? ...And make it rhyme. I can't do this rhyming shit anymore. Costumes are an integral part of the Voltage Heroes. We put more into the shows, hoping that the audience gets more out of them. Unfortunately for the tour, we can't change our costumes for every show like we can when we play in Edmonton, but we usually find one solid outfit and work with it. We might bring two or three along with us on this trip. It's a long one! In short, expect the unexpected. Or something.

How has being in a band helped you with the ladies? Well, playing keyboard in a goofy electro band isn't the best way to get ladies, especially when you dress up in grass skirts and bathrobes and pink pants. Maybe we need some leather... do women find leather attractive? Anyway, none of us have gotten ladies directly from the band, although once I was introduced to a girl who told me her friend wanted to 'œrape me'? after seeing me on stage. Things got fairly uncomfortable after that.

Are there any good haunted houses in Edmonton? Haunted houses are not exactly common around Edmonton, but there are a few good ones. We recently realized that the abandoned military base and military hospital have got to be havens for ghostly activity, and are currently involved in planning a trip to go there. Maybe it would be fun to write a song in a haunted house. Or terrifying. I'm sure it would be both. Edmonton definitely needs more haunted houses though.

How has the presence of good or bad haunted houses in Edmonton influenced your music? Haunted houses have an influence of mammoth proportions on us. We're always seeking out new ones and becoming inspired by the contents we discover. We're not sure if this is relevant, but the keyboard I use (a beautiful Casio Tonebank CT-70) used to play by itself. Years and years ago, Zack and I would be playing a little Sega, and it would play by itself. We unplugged it, to have it play by itself again, only this time, make the most terrifying noises ever. I dropped a nickel inside it once. I hope that's not what's haunting it. The stage will likely be haunted with invisible orcs and submarines and insects that come and go, so don't be scared.

What's spinning on your record player today? Spinning today: A Trillion Barnacle Lapse '” Black Lava EP, Wilco '” Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, No Hands '” s/t EP, Jim Guthrie '” Now, More Than Ever, The Beach Boys '” Pet Sounds, and last but not least, Green Jelly '” Cereal Killer Soundtrack (this one's a tape).

Make up your own question and answer it. 'œIf the APVH ever got wildly successful, what would change?'? We would hire set co-ordinators and costume designers to create the most amazing stage shows ever.

Anything else? A grey 1994 Dodge Caravan full of Voltage Heroes is on its way across the country. Don't let us get into car accidents with you.